Men’s Jewelry – A Few Basics

The idea of personal adornment using jewelry has existed for centuries. According to Wikipedia, some of the first known jewelry has been found as far back as approximately 75,000 years ago in Africa in the form of sea snail shells. While there might be some uncertainty around exactly when jewelry started to be worn by men, it is well known that jewelry was worn as early as 5000 years ago, starting with Mesopotamia and carrying through to the Egyptian and GrecoRoman empires.  In those cases, men predominantly wore jewelry as a societal status symbol. Today, jewelry is used more and more as an accessory or a statement and it’s  important to treat it that way.

You might be wondering what kinds of pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe – after all, you don’t want to remind people of Liberace or entice your friends to start giving you a rapper moniker. Here are a few pieces from brands that make great men’s every day jewelry. If you have a favorite piece or brand, please share!

David Yurman

david yurman

Cable Classic Cuff Bracelet with 18k Gold

Thomas Sabo


thomas sabo

Pendant Fleur-de-lis



Paloma Picasso