There are many ways to keep your friends busy, start a conversation, and provide a sense of your individualism and style when they drop in for a visit to your pad, but the best (and easiest) way is by encouraging them to have a browse through your selection of coffee table books. Whether you’re a […]

Via – Why are they staring? Is there food on your shirt?! No. There’s a CLASHING TIE on your shirt. When you don’t know what you’re doing, matching shirts and ties can be a bewildering stab in the dark. When you DO know what you’re doing, it becomes an enjoyable game. Complementary colors are colors that sit directly […]

Via - I’m no shaving expert—I’m just an average guy with a face full of unruly stubble. I’m prone to razor bumps. I struggle with ingrown hairs. And if every blade causes irritation, do I really want more with another multi-bade razor?

Luxury has long been defined by lavishness, maximalism, and flashy fashion. But now, as simplicity starts to reign supreme, new menswear labels are emerging with a shared, fresh focus on impeccable basics, evergreen classics, and first-rate materials. Four New Men’s Designers that Are Redefining Luxury Fashion thumbnail courtesy of

Although beer is still the go to for most of us, we need to break out a bit and show our finer side. This is where a classic comes in; the Old Fashioned, it was developed during the 19th century and given its name in the 1880's. It has become a cocktail of choice in movies and tv shows for characters with a certain swagger. Such as, Don Draper from the series Mad Men.

Finally decided to grow a beard and not sure which style to rock? Don’t worry we’re here to lay it all out; the most important step is just to let it grow.

There is something very enticing about the “MAN initiative.” Especially as a female reader of all things fashion, it is intriguing and exciting to see the growth of the international menswear market! Key fashion influencers within the European fashion world have pulled away from the fashion creatives norm and shawn a long awaited light on […]