Whether you're reworking your entire wardrobe for the new year ahead, or just filling in the gaps here and there because the end-of-year sales are on, these GQ-approved essentials will keep your style on point in 2018. Mix and match them to your heart's content and throw in a few style swerves here and there for something a little unexpec

Here are 3 outfits that will help battle old man winter and look your best, whether you're inside or out...

Being a style junky I always look for inspiring ensembles. I found a great site that will help visualize various looks, such as; hipster, modern, preppy and more. It will allow you to filter those styles and the accessories that go with it. Here a few samples of what you can find.      Explore your style here: https://style.lo

Want to pick up a pair of new sunnies and have no idea where to start?... The gents at realmenrealstyle broke it done for us...

Via realmenrealstyle.com - Why are they staring? Is there food on your shirt?! No. There's a CLASHING TIE on your shirt. When you don't know what you're doing, matching shirts and ties can be a bewildering stab in the dark. When you DO know what you're doing, it becomes an enjoyable game. Complementary colors are colors that sit

Luxury has long been defined by lavishness, maximalism, and flashy fashion. But now, as simplicity starts to reign supreme, new menswear labels are emerging with a shared, fresh focus on impeccable basics, evergreen classics, and first-rate materials. Four New Men’s Designers that Are Redefining Luxury Fashion thumbnail courtesy of rob

Via jewelleryfocus.co.uk - British watch brand Minute and Azimut will showcase their pieces at this year’s London Fashion Week Men’s. The upcoming brand will feature their Bisham range at the event, which come with a choice of alligator, calfskin and lizard straps. The Bisham watch is named after Bisham Woods in Berkshire and a d

Via dapperfied.com - Even as the world of fashion constantly evolves with time, one thing remains constant, and that is the humble men’s shirt is here to stay. Folks, today we’re talking stylish shirts for men. A modern man’s closet will never be complete without them. Now more than ever, with the huge choice and variety of sty

After Balenciaga unveiled a pricey Ikea-esque blue bag at Men's Fashion Week 2017, artists online started sharing their own Ikea-inspired designs, including purses, face masks, shoes and a thong — all using material from the iconic $3 bag from the Swedish retailer. read more at nypost.com

A Defense of the Everyday Bow TieFive or 10 years ago, when pro athletes were normalizing the bow tie at post-game interviews and Mad Men's Bertram Cooper was giving them a dapper boost, a lot more men began dabbling. As Lewis said, “Guys were like, 'It's OK! A Defense of the Everyday Bow Tie - Bloomberg thumbnail courtesy of bloomberg