Chai Cocktails: 7 To Try

Via –  With roots that trace back to the mid-1800s in India, chai tea has long been a favorite in tea rooms and cafés, but these days bartenders are also tinkering with the spiced tea as a way to lend more depth to cocktails. Rum and whiskey are popular flavor pairings, thanks to their complementary oak and vanilla flavors, and chai has made an impressive mark on the tiki scene. Click here to learn more about chai, then bookmark these cocktail recipes to begin your own mixing adventures.

imbibemagazine.comAlkala the Fierce Chai-infused whiskey buffers two kinds of rum in this False Idol recipe.

Chai This Irish whiskey meets brown sugar-chai syrup.

Chiya Chai’s RumChaiTea A dairy-free cocktail with rum and chai at the forefront of flavor.

Fall Lowball Blogger Emily Farris blends whiskey and orange liqueur with chai tea.

Mr. Curtis Chai syrup anchors this rum-laced number named after writer Wayne Curtis.

Mortimer and Mauve Rye whiskey, chai-infused vermouth and ginger liqueur set a fall tone in this Seamstress cocktail.

Pondicheri’s Masala Flip This creamy flip puts the spice cabinet to work and includes a dose of infused rum.