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The best beard and mustache styles for every guy’s face shape

Via mensfitness.com – If you’ve decided to grow out that five o’clock shadow into something a little more permanent, you’ve probably started to wonder exactly how to groom your facial hair into something besides a wizard beard—something that fits your personality.

The answer? It’s written all over your face—or, more accurately, in the shape of your face. “A lot of guys think you can grow your hair into a beard, and then just leave it at that,’” says Carmelo Guastella, a Gillette men’s grooming expert. “But we all have different face shapes. And you want to grow your facial hair to bring out the best aspects of your facial features.”

To help you figure out what kind of beard or mustache works the best on your face, we’ve picked out a few leading men with archetypical features—plus a helpful outline of the face shapes, courtesy of the grooming pros at Gillette—that will help demonstrate what you should look for (and what to avoid).

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