I came across this article from the boys at UrbanBeardsman and had to share these tips that will help your moustache stop smelling like a latte…


While it may seem manlier to eat with you hands, to just grab that burger, sandwich, slice of pizza or burrito and chow down, utensils aid in avoiding a mess and keeping your beard in pristine condition. It’s manlier to have a nice, beautiful, lush beard after having eaten with a knife and fork than eating pizza with your hands, only to find grease in your beard and sauce painting your whiskers red. This goes for drinks as well where avoiding the classic “milk” mustache is key. Milkshakes, smoothies, coffees and beers need not be avoided – simply use straws, a coffee lid (a paper cup with a lid or travel mugs are perfect), embrace bottled and canned beer at home, and grab yourself a Whisker Dam for those nights out on the town.


Nothing hits the spot more than a hearty bowl of soup or Ramen noodles with delicious broth. However these can wreak havoc on your beard. The chance of spilling liquid from a spoon is high, so to avoid this only put exactly enough for a mouthful on the spoon when eating soup, cereal or broth: less is definitely more here. Huge spoonfuls will have your beard smelling like chicken noodle or Cinnamon Toast Beard Crunch in no time, and that’s not a scent anyone enjoys. Unless you’re an expert with chopsticks, use a fork to twirl noodles in a spaghetti like fashion into a nice, tight, spiral before entering the mouth. In addition, you could, as Action Bronson suggests, hold your beard back when eating noodles or pasta.


Bearded folk can be partial to a sweet treat. There are three distinct items you should be wary of in the sweets section – doughnuts, ice cream, and syrup (of any kind). Doughnuts that are glazed, iced, or filled tend to crack, crumble, and ooze on first bite which has potential to cause a sugar encrusted caramelized beard. To avoid this, simply cut your doughnut into small, bite-sized pieces or switch to doughnut holes to satisfy your craving. Unfortunately, syrup is a must for pancakes, and incidentally the bearded man’s “lumberjack breakfast” includes pancakes as a staple. Getting syrup in your beard is like super glue that will tangle beard hairs together and will require a beard wash. For ice cream, simply switch out the cone for a cup and eat with a spoon. The key here is to ensure ice cream isn’t melted, semi-melted, or dripping.


Please share any other tips you have on how to keep our beards looking their luxurious self.