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7 Grooming Trends For Autumn/Winter 2018 Every Man Should Know

Say goodbye to the swim shorts and sun cream, winter is on its way, and that means shelving the summer scents and digging out the body moisturizer once more (thanks, central heating). It is, of course, a whole new season, so that means pondering some major questions when it comes to your grooming regime.

Is makeup for men the next big thing? Is it time to ditch shampoo? Which hairstyles are the biggest catwalk hits? Should we be growing long hair or buzzing it all off? What’s the deal with facial hair?

Yes, the very idea of a grooming trend may sound ridiculous at first but, as with fashion, they very much exist and change all the time. What’s more, the dozens of new inventions and technologies that drop each year can actually improve the way you look, and who doesn’t want that? Want to groom your way stylishly through the autumn and into the depths of winter? Take note.

‘Sexy’ Fragrances

There’s something about a sudden drop in the mercury that makes smelling like a dip in the Côte d’Azur seem a bit, well, wrong. It’s time to switch to a seasonally appropriate scent – but which?

For autumn/winter 2018, the olfactory onus is on sensual fragrances: deep, complex aromas made up of leather, wood and tonka bean. You want to smell like a fetish club crossed with a coffee house, essentially.

Tom Ford is a key player in this arena (sensual fragrances, not fetish clubs). The designer’s new Ombré Leather scent is not dissimilar to his original best-seller, Tuscan Leather, but with notes cardamom, jasmine and vetiver. The latest addition to Acqua Di Parma’s signature Colonia line – Colonia Sandalo – is an equally deeply layered scent that relies on Indian sandalwood as well as surprisingly warm balsamic notes. We’ll have what he’s having.

7 Grooming Trends For Autumn/Winter 2018 Every Man Should Know


Makeup For Men Is A Thing

In April, singer-songwriter John Mayer posted a makeup tutorial on Instagram. A few weeks previous, Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya spoke openly about wearing Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range to the 2018 Oscars. Fast forward a few months and Chanel has launched a dedicated eyebrow pencil, tinted foundation and lip balm for blokes.

These events all point to two things. 1) Hollywood style icons are finally admitting it’s not all water, vegetables and getting eight hours a night. 2) Makeup for men could be about to go mainstream.

That’s not to say you need to ramraid your local pharmacy. After something that looks like your skin, only better? A subtle foundation will do that. Wolverine-style brows? A gel comb has got you covered. Oily skin and breakouts? Double up with matte powder and a concealer stick. In combination, these are enough kit to camouflage late nights, hide blemishes and generally make you a more handsome fella. No judgement here.7 Grooming Trends For Autumn/Winter 2018 Every Man Should Know

Nineties Hairstyles

At the AW18 menswear fashion shows, five key hairstyle trends dominated and (nearly) all of them had a ring of the ’90s about them: curtains, long hair, shaved heads, mini mullets and bowl cuts.

Which styles have the strongest chance of trickling down to your local barber though? “Graphic shapes are back for afro hair, back to old school flat tops and hip-hop shapes,” says top session stylist Tyler Johnston.

Rave is back too; haircuts that mimic the ’90s with curtains and bowl cuts, layers are longer with stronger outline shapes. Forward crops are bang-on with hard-edged fringes and army cuts with gradual fades. Texture wise, go dry matt or gloss.” So, in short, the least stylish decade of the last half-century is now the most stylish.

7 Grooming Trends For Autumn/Winter 2018 Every Man Should Know