Via - If you walk into a liquor store and feel overwhelmed by the variety of bourbons on the shelf, it's no surprise. It seems everybody's getting on the bandwagon, and there's a dizzying array. Equally dizzying are the terms on the label. What on earth is a Bottled-in-Bond, Single-Barrel, 10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Via - As far back as recorded history reaches—or at least since Rush sang "Working Man"—we as a species have extolled the virtues of that first cold, delicious sip of beer. But drink enough beers and eventually you'll hit the worst-case scenario: You select a beer from countless options, crack it open, take that firs

Via - Rum has always been the star of the tiki mug, but unbeknownst to many, gin has long had a supporting role in tropical drinks as well. The Saturn cocktail is one of the most famous gin-based recipes—a fruity combo of gin, passion fruit, orgeat, falernum and lemon juice. Invented in 1967, the drink still appe

Via - Portland-based winemaker Ryan Sharp created his first batch of Portland Sangria by accident in 2011 when an excess of rosé at bottling forced him to get creative on the fly. Fortunately it was a happy accident, and this season Sharp experimented with some new flavors. Like the original Sangria, the new sprit

Via - During its foundational era, Real Ale Brewing released beers at a pace a snail could appreciate. Full Moon Pale Rye Ale and Brewhouse Brown Ale debuted in 1996, leisurely chased by Rio Blanco Pale Ale in 1998. The Blanco, Texas, brewery then cranked its tempo, adding a fourth year-round beer and a single annual

Just a Taste | Cloud Eggs on Toast Via - Step aside, unicorn food! There’s a new culinary trend making waves and it can be summed up in two simple words: cloud eggs. Impossibly light, ever-so-fluffy, ethereally soft cloud eggs. And they’re here just in time for Mother’s Day. So how does one go from basic baked

5 Easy Ways to Eat Probiotics Like a Pro | Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog Via - With the constant flurry of health-related buzzwords floating around the Internet, “probiotics” is one that seems here to stay. Chances are you’ve read about the benefits of taking a probiotic supplement — m

Original - 8 Ways To Eat Like A Hipster Without Going Broke. What once was old is new again. And way more expensive. Somehow, basic foods like coffee, guacamole, hummus and smoothies have become attached to the hipster, who is willing to overpay for “artisanal” products, which have become little more than a flashy outfit made from

The margarita deserves credit for popularizing tequila in the U.S. According to one myth, Carlos "Danny" Herrera invented the margarita in 1938 for the dancer Marjorie King, who was allergic to most types of alcohol, but not tequila. Whatever origin story you believe—and there are many—the margarita served the purpose of orienting the

Although beer is still the go to for most of us, we need to break out a bit and show our finer side.  This is where a classic comes in; the Old Fashioned, it was developed during the 19th century and given its name in the 1880's. It has become a cocktail of choice in movies and tv shows for characters with a certain swagger. Such as, Don